CEPEJ Working Group on Evaluation, 15-17 May 2018, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

The CEPEJ Statute emphasizes the comparison of judicial systems and the exchange of knowledge on their functioning. The scope of this comparison goes beyond efficiency stricto sensu because it is specifically interested in the quality and efficiency of justice.

In order to accomplish these tasks, CEPEJ has, among other things, undertaken a regular evaluation of Council of Europe Member States process.

This process is managed by the Working Group on the Evaluation of Judicial Systems. The next release of its Report will be published on 4 October 2018. It will be based on data from the year 2016. It will include 44 Council of Europe Member States as well as two other countries: Israel and Morocco.

A dynamic database on European judicial systems will complement the report. It will allow researching data on the judicial systems of Member States/entities and observers at the Council of Europe. The data presented are those from years 2010, 2012 and 2014:


The Working Group’s meeting of 15-17 May was aimed at preparing this next release. It included a meeting with CEPEJ National Correspondants who are responsible for collecting data in each country.

The collected data will be subject to « quality control » by the CEPEJ Secretariat. They will then be forwarded to the experts who will draft the report. It will include various chapters:

  • Budgets of Judicial Systems
  • Court staff and lawyers
  • Man-Woman Parity
  • Court Organisation
  • Justice Users
  • Court and Prosecution Service Efficiency

The chapter on court staff includes « non-judge staff », i.e. Greffiers, Rechtspfleger and similar personnel. It will allow for the monitoring of the evolution of our professions in Europe and their role in the functionning of justice.

During the meeting, Jean-Paul Jean, Chamber President at the French Court of Cassation was reelected as President of the Working Group.

The CEPEJ Plenary Meeting of June 2018 will allow Member States to adopt the report before it is released in October.

Vivien Whyte and Jean-Jacques Kuster represented the EUR.