22 October 2018, Cracow, Poland: President Whyte meets Polish Member Organisation OSRS

In Cracow, President Whyte met with Mr Maciej Neusser, President, and three other colleagues from the EUR Member Organisation Ogólnopolskiego Stowarzyszenia Referendarzy
Sądowych (OSRS).

The Polish Referendaries have extensive competence in the fields of legal aid, family law, payment orders, registries, enforcement of civil vases and non-contentious cases. They are one of the sixteen Rechtspfleger-type professions that
exist in Europe and will be celebrating their twentieth anniversary next year.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss recent EUR activity as well as the roles of non judge staff in Europe, particularly in the field of registries and criminal law. Other topics were broached, such as the new requirements to access the profession in Poland and changes to the pension system.

Vivien Whyte thanks OSRS for organising this friendly and fruitful meeting and looks forward to a continuing collaboration between our organisations.