14 March 2019, Brussels: President Whyte Meets Mr. Alvaro De Elera

On 14 March, Vivien Whyte met with Mr. Alvaro De Elera, Member of the Cabinet of the First Vice-President of the European Commission Mr. Frans Timmermans and presented him with a copy of the White Paper for a Rechtspfleger/Greffier for Europe. 

Mr. De Elera is in charge of the rule of law in the Cabinet. A Spanish lawyer, he is familiar with the crucial role of the Letrados de la Administracion de Justicia and their counterparts in the eleven other Member States with similar professions. He was very interested to hear about the contributions our professions make at European and national level to safeguard the values of the European Union. He is monitoring the developments in Hungary, Poland and Romania very closely. 

Aware of the vital importance of non-judge staff for the European Union, Mr. De Elera agreed on the fact that the EU Justice Scoreboard and European Semester recommendations would benefit from data on our profession.  

President Whyte thanks Mr. De Elera for his support and looks forward to a fruitful cooperation between EUR and the Cabinet.