14 – 15 March 2019, Strasbourg: CEPEJ Working Group on Quality

During the meeting, the Group examined tools dedicated to the effective implementation of the principles of the European Ethical Charter for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in National Justice Systems and their Environments (https://rm.coe.int/charte-etique-fr-pour-publication-4-decembre-2018/16808f699b).

The Group also worked on the Toolbox to strengthen the implementation of the Guidelines for Change Management towards Cyberjustice. 

In addition, the Working Group worked on finalising the Guidelines on Sharing Knowledge among Judges, which are due for adoption at the next CEPEJ Plenary in June 2019. On this topic, EUR expressed that Greffiers and Rechtspfleger provide active cooperation besides Judges through their assistance in the decision-making process or their judicial competence. 

The Working Group is considering addressing new issues such as videoconference, the 

language used in court and the place of the parties during the process. 

Jean-Jacques Kuster represented the EUR.