6 – 7 May 2019, Paris: Meeting of the CEPEJ Working Group on Mediation

The EUR was invited to participate as an observer to the 5th meeting of the working group on Mediation (CEPEJ-GT-MED) on 6 and 7 May in Paris. This group works on the promotion of mediation by creating documents that will be available to COE Member States. They will help them to write legislative corpus on mediation and offer a tool kit to set it up. The creation of a European convention on mediation is also a work in progress. During these 2 days of work, among all the topics discussed, were the questions of the excessive commercialization of mediation, its cost, the risk of over-regulating it, but also the training of its various actors.

On this matter, EUR representative Catherine Assioma, Treasurer, pointed out the necessity to include non-judge staff in the training plans. So far, they are not, while in fact, they are in a key position to ensure successful mediation: they are in contact with the parties and inform them, direct them and sometimes act themselves as mediators. It is thus essential to include them in the training actions on mediation. She also mentioned the risk now in France to see parts of the justice system being privatized through external, liberal and expensive mediation.