7 June 2019, Madrid: Congress of Spanish Member Organisation Ilustre Colegio Nacional de Letrados de la Administracion de Justicia

Vivien Whyte had the honour and the pleasure of representing our organization again at the annual congress of EUR Member Organisation Colegio Nacional de Letrados de la Administracion de Justicia, that met this year in Madrid in the presence of the national, regional and local judicial and policital authorities, as well as over three hundred colleagues. 

During the closing session chaired by Mr. Juan José González Rivas, President of the Constitutional Court, Vivien Whyte congratulated the Colegio on its 75th anniversary and assured them of the support of the Court Clerks and Rechtspfleger of all the countries represented within the EUR in its fair and necessary fight for a remuneration equivalent to that of the other superior legal professions and which is up to their very important responsibilities.

Colegio President Mr Rafael Lara recalled these demands (a beginner Letrado earns just €1600 per month) and indicated that in the absence of response, they did not exclude the possibility of taking “any measure that the circumstances would require “. He also asked for the assurance that the Letrados will continue to be a national corps dependent on the Ministry of Justice as committed by the representatives of the political parties PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos present at the round table on “Justice under the new legislature “.

After the session, the participants had the privilege of visiting the Teatro Real, where they were able to attend a singing show given by two colleagues before being invited to the gala dinner.

Vivien Whyte warmly thanks the Colegio for its hospitality and warm welcome.