24 June 2019, Paris: EUR Meets the French Director of Court Services

Mr. Peimane Ghaleh-Marzban, Director of French Judicial Services, received Vivien Whyte, President, and Franck Le Guern, Secretary General, on 24 June. 

During this meeting, our representatives presented the proposals of the EUR as contained in the White Paper for a Rechtspfleger/Greffier for Europe and their declination for France: a jurisdictional Greffier pertaining to category A. The discussions first focused on the nature of the tasks performed by Rechtspfleger and similar professions in Europe, as well as on the modalities of their transfer.

For the Director of Judicial Services, the transfer of jurisdictional tasks to Greffiers “is not on the agenda”. However, the ministry wants to strengthen the team surrounding the judge by strengthening the role of the Greffier or even delegating to him certain tasks, in the area of payment orders for example.

The EUR recalled that in 10 European countries (Germany, Andore, Austria, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Spain, Estonia, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Rechtspfleger or similar professions are in charge of national payment orders and European. While the legal systems each have their own specificities, these States have all chosen to entrust by law these contentious cases to an independent and specialized non-judge staff, thus improving the efficiency and quality of the service provided to the citizen.

The authenticator role of the Greffier was also discussed in the light of the latest technological advances, everyone agreeing that this role would be strengthened. 

The EUR is at the disposal of the Directorate of Judicial Services to provide them with any additional information on non-judge staff in Europe.

Vivien Whyte surrounded by Ms Calvez, Project Director (left) and Mr Ghaleh-Marzban, Director of Court Services (right)