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2 – 3 May 2019, Valletta: CEPEJ Cooperation Programme

The second workshop in Malta was held on 2 and 3 May 2019. We met many stakeholders, directors and deputy registrars who were able to tell us more about the Human Resources issues, many judges and magistrates, as well as lawyers with whom we exchanged ideas about different ways to tackle the backlog and reduce the disposition time. Our second report is on its way, before our next meeting in Malta on 25 and 26 June.

In the meantime, we visited Slovenia’s Supreme Court (see picture) in Ljubljana on 3 June, on the invitation of one of its judges, Ms Nina Betteto. There we were given precious information about how Slovenia created a data warehouse and useful dashboards in order to solve similar problems. They also changed the Human Resources approach and reached what seems to be a satisfying level of good relationship between Judge and nonjudge staff. Furthermore, they were able to explain the many benefits of having Rechtspfleger. Their example was very inspiring.

Catherine Assioma represented the EUR.

1 February 2019, Valletta, Malta: CEPEJ Programme in Malta

Following the request of Maltese authorities, the CEPEJ has launched a project to support the efficiency of Justice in Malta. An Italian judge, a judge of the Slovenian Supreme Court, the Head of support at Federal prosecution services in Belgium and EUR Treasurer Catherine Assioma, Deputy Head of Court services in France are the experts for this mission.

The project is funded by the SRSS (Structural Reform Support Service) of the EU.

The main objective of this first meeting was to gather as much materials and information as possible and understand the expectations of the Maltese stakeholders, before being able to propose solutions based on the experts’ own models.

We have met a large panel of participants, judges and magistrates, the Deputy Head of the Court and the IT general manager.

The mission includes two main components in order to reduce the length of procedures, one is to identify improvements and formulate recommendations regarding procedures in the Court of Appeal Superior Jurisdiction, the other is to support the development of human resources strategy for judicial and support staff.

The experts will release a first report at the end of March, before their next visit in Valletta end of April.