15 – 16 November 2018, Council of Europe, Strasbourg: CEPEJ Working Group on Mediation

The 4th meeting of the CEPEJ-GT-MED since its reactivation in early 2017 took place in Strasbourg on 15-16 November 2018.

After evaluating the use of its 2007 Guidelines on Mediation in the Member States, GT-MED decided in 2017 to develop a set of tools to complement the Guidelines, compiled in the form of a toolkit to develop mediation. This first version of the toolkit was adopted by the CEPEJ plenary in June 2018 (http://rm.coe.int/box-tools-for-the-development-of-mediation-make-up-thee/6808c3f53).

It has been designed to be directly usable by Member States wishing to improve the use and quality of mediation, but it is also intended for mediation service providers and justice professionals.

At its meeting, GT-MED members continued to develop new tools to dynamically complement the existing toolbox, with a view to their adoption by the CEPEJ plenary in June 2019.Jean-Jacques Kuster represented the EUR.