10 – 12 April, Trier, Germany: European Law Academy Project for the Training of Court Staff in European Law

As part of the Justice program of the Directorate-General for Justice of the European Commission, the Academy of European Law (ERA), in partnership with the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) and with the support of 23 training institutions from 19 EU Member States (for Austria, the Federal Ministry for the Constitution, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice) presented a pilot project for the training of European judicial officers in European law.

The Austrian organization VDRÖ, a member of the EUR, is involved in this project in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Together with EU experts and twenty national experts, Stefan Damböck and Walter Szöky participated in a coordination meeting held in the German city of Trier.

The objectives of this project are (see also https://court-staff.legaltraining.eu/):
• Conduct 20 legal seminars and 13 language seminars for approximately 930 employees from European jurisdictions.
• Two seminars (a legal seminar and a language seminar) will be held in Austria and will be organized by the Federal Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the VDRÖ.
• Develop legal and linguistic capacity of court staff and enhance their skills to facilitate cross-border communication and cooperation.
• Training providers (ministries, judicial academies, etc.) for court officials will bring together 19 different EU Member States and provide them with a platform to exchange good practices, information and know-how.
• Allow wide use of training content in the future by making it available in different EU official languages and distributing it to all interested parties.