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30 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium: ELRA General Assembly

President Vivien Whyte attended the General Assembly of the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) that took place in Brussels on 30 November 2018.

The event included a very interesting discussion on the nature of land registry data, moderated by Professor Teresa Rodriguez de las Heras of the University Carlos III (Madrid), a représentative from the European Commission and representatives from land registries in Portugal, Ireland and the Netherlands. The intricate nature of land registry data, combining personal and nonpersonal data, gives rise to numerous issues when considering the new GDPR regulation. Free movement of data has to be balanced with lawfulness of data usage. As such, a middle ground needs to be found between an open-data system and a controlled access system, defining a data access model that would give the opportunity to filter.

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Land Registry Workshop, Tallinn, 1 June 2018

The European Land Registry Network (ELRN) was set up in by the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) in order to « develop and understand the role of land registration in real property and capital markets » (www.elra.eu). ELRA gathers Land Registry organisations from 22 European jurisdictions. Some of the ELRN Contact Points are also active within the EUR through their professional organisations (Estonia, Poland). They are currently working with the European Commission on providing an interoperability platform among Land Registers in Europe with a common vocabulary (IMOLA II project).

The Land Registry is one of the competences the EUR recommends be transferred to the Rechtspfleger for Europe in countries where it is within the remit of the courts. Indeed, in several European countries, the Land Registry is already managed by a Rechtspfleger or similar non-judge staff of the courts (Austria, Estonia, Germany, Poland). In other countries, the Land Registry is managed by a public institution that may (eg Portugal) or may not (eg Romania) be attached to the Ministry of Justice.

The EUR invited ELRA to attend its March 2018 conference at the European Economic and Social Committee where President Jean Moerkerke (Belgium) and Secretary General Nuria Raga (Spain) presented ELRA and their current projects.

Following this event, President Vivien Whyte was invited to participate in a workshop of the European Land Registry Network that took place at the Estonian Ministry of Justice in Tallinn on 1 June 2018. Vivien Whyte presented the EUR and our current projects to the ELRN Contact Points and the other authorities that attended the meeting, including a university lecturer and judges from several European countries.

Among the other issues discussed were the European Regulation on Matrimonial Property Regimes, the latest case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union and Blockchain technology.