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Congress of the Austrian Member Organisation GÖD, Graz, 20 June 2018

On 20 June, Vivien Whyte attended the opening ceremony of the Congress of the Austrian Member Organisation GÖD in Graz.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reform, Deregulation and Justice, the Presidents from the four Austrian courts of appeal and representatives from federal, regional and local authorities. Austria has 700 Rechtspfleger and about 500 of them were present at the Congress.

President Whyte was very pleased to meet with so many colleagues. He reminded the audience that the Austrian Rechtspfleger participated to the creation of the European Union of Rechtspfleger in 1967 and, more than fifty years later, are still one of its driving forces.

The Austrian Rechtspfleger have contributed to the Rechtspfleger for Europe model that the EUR is promoting. They have become an irreplaceable piece of the Austrian judicial system and should be recognized as such.

As part of the opening session, MMag. Monika Stempkowski from the University of Vienna also gave a very interesting presentation on « error and lie – stumbling blocks on the way to truthfulness ».

Vivien Whyte wishes to thank the GÖD for their warm welcome and generous hospitality.